I’m (Rachel) writing this post exactly one week from our start date, and I don’t exactly feel physically prepared. We biked as much as we could, but there’s no way to train for 74 miles per day except to do it. So we’ll start out cycling about 50 miles per day – especially in the two mountain ranges we have to cross within the first couple weeks – and work our way up in mileage until we’ve balanced out the shorter days in the first two weeks.

What did we do up until now? The weather in Wisconsin has not been great for cycling this year, and while we plan on cycling in everything except lightning and other storms this summer, we didn’t have appropriate gear or motivation to do so over the past few months. Starting in January, we did spin classes 3-5 days per week, and I commute to campus by bike year-round. In April, we finally got to bike outside. We biked as many evenings as possible, and rode 50-140 miles each weekend.

The last week included my college reunion, away from my bike for an entire weekend, and shipping our bikes out to Washington so that the bike shop in Anacortes could put them back together in time. Therefore, we don’t feel quite up to where we wanted to be on this trip, so we’re planning on flexibility in terms of route (we can just bike back to Madison, WI if this proves to be too much), and we’re also trying to convince ourselves that much of the physical training is psychological. We’ve done two 60-mile rides back to back, so we know we can do this.


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