Day 27: Gackle, ND to Kindred, ND

DSC03304As of Gackle, we figured out that we needed to put in some major miles in order to reach northern Wisconsin in time for a birthday celebration in a cabin with our friends, so we started doing incredibly long days of cycling. We made it to Kindred, ND, where there was a city park with a pool. We were soon joined by all the cyclists we’d been spending time with recently, so we all got to hang out at the pool and ¬†camp together at the city park. We’re updating this blog quite a bit after the date, so that is all we remember for now…

Luke on the city park's water slide

Luke on the city park’s water slide



today’s distance: 107.1 miles
time in saddle: 8 hrs 31 min
total distance: 1890 miles


Day 26: Hazelton, ND to Gackle, ND

thresher art

On today’s ride, we learned all about the insane wind of North Dakota. Unfortunately, it was a head wind. We decided to give in and get something caffeinated in the first town we saw, Napoleon, where the best option for snacks and beverages was the Ace Hardware. We ran into several cyclists we’d camped with the night before there – we were all avoiding getting back out on the road. We continued on a ride that would have been nice if it weren’t for the headwind, and eventually made it to Gackle. There’s a great Warm Showers (free lodging/space for tents for cyclists) place there, the Honey Hub, run by a bee-keeper and his wife, Jason and Ginny Miller. They live in Northern California most of the year, but spend their summers in Gackle for the 14,000 hives they have in the surrounding farm land. They were super nice and helpful. The Millers’ honey is in Stinger energy bars and other products, so they had a lot of products on hand.

The Honey Hub

Gackle is quite small – there is a bar, a general store, and a Tastee Freeze. After showering at the Honey Hub, we went to get ice cream at the Tastee Freeze, where we eventually ran into all 8 cyclists that we had camped with in Hazelton. We ended up hanging out at the bar, where we ordered pizza, and headed back to the cool temperatures of the Honey Hub.

today’s distance: 65.5 miles
time in saddle: 6 hrs, 30 min
total distance: 1,782.9 miles

Days 24 & 25: Dickinson, ND to New Salem, ND; New Salem, ND to Hazelton, ND


We had no idea rural street signs were ever numbered like this!

We’ve been rolling up and down hills in what we thought was flat North Dakota, but the scenery has been pretty, and the traffic has been extremely light with the exception of the short stretches on I-94. Clearly, we survived the previous night of intense storms, but we got a late start due to a late night of hanging out in the shelter of the showers building. We rode well both days, with a nice tailwind both mornings. People have been friendly, the towns are relatively close together, and we’re enjoying the ride across this state. It’s been relatively uneventful, but this evening we ran into a slew of other cyclists that with whom we’re sharing a campground.

largest holstein in America


so many people bike touring in Hazelton, ND!


Dickinson to New Salem stats:
today’s distance: 78.9 miles
time in the saddle: 6 hours, 12 minutes
total distance: 1,635 miles

New Salem to Hazelton stats:
today’s distance: 80.2 miles
time in the saddle: 7 hours and 3 min
total distance: 1,716 miles 

North Dakota