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I (Rachel) have been wanting to bike across the country since I did my first bike trip at 15. I was lucky enough to meet and marry Nick, who also loves cycling, so we’ve managed to do a few bike tours before. With the end of my PhD program nearing, meaning less time for such adventures in the near future, we decided to do the trip this summer, June – August 2013. We start in Anacortes, WA on June 13th, 2013, and will hopefully make it to Bar Harbor, ME by mid-August. Because this is a lot of cycling, and because I also have to get work done while we’re on the trip, we’re being flexible about how far we go. If it turns out that it’s impossible to combine 74 miles per day of cycling with dissertation writing on the iPad, then we’ll just bike from Anacortes to Madison, WI. We think that would still be pretty awesome. We’re planning on updating the blog as frequently as possible, but this will depend on the wireless network.

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Our last big tour before this ride: Southern France (Mt. Ventoux)

Our last big tour before this ride: Southern France (Mt. Ventoux)


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