about this blog

I (Rachel) have been wanting to bike across the country since I did my first bike trip at 15. I was lucky enough to meet and marry Nick, who also loves cycling, so we’ve managed to do a few bike tours before. With the end of my PhD program nearing, meaning less time for such adventures in the near future, we decided to do the trip this summer. We’re following the Northern Tier + Lakes route from Adventure Cycling Association, which provides a thorough, vetted set of maps with places to stay, bike shops, and more. This is our first time touring with such a complete set of directions. It’s also our first time touring with smart phones, which should help — whenever we have cellular service, anyway. Given the options along this route, our trip should be around 4,000 miles. We’re planning on taking 8-9 weeks, with one day off per week, making that an average of about 74 miles per day. We’re planning on updating the blog as frequently as possible, but this will depend on the wireless network.

We hope this blog will serve two purposes: first, to update family and friends of our trip, and second, to help others who want to do a similar trip. We’ve benefited from reading blogs about cycling the Northern Tier, so we want to give back with another perspective.

Our last big tour before this ride: Southern France (Mt. Ventoux)

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