Day 55: Woolwich, ME, to Orland, ME

Maine farmland

Today was another day of perfect weather, with many steep hills, just like yesterday. We had an early start, and we were trying to accomplish as many miles as possible so that we could reach Bar Harbor in time.

espresso in Wiscasset

Shortly after we left Woolrich, we arrived in Wiscasset, which had a little cafe with great espresso and baked goods. 

bays from the Atlantic

We crossed rivers that feed into the Atlantic, slowly climbed the hill from hell in Waldoboro, enjoyed blueberry ice cream, rode many miles on highway 1, and finally reached the Altantic Ocean at Rockport, Maine.  

more whoopie pies


first view of the Atlantic!


lake near Lincolnville Center

We continued up along the coast, stopping in Belfast, a cute town Rachel loved when she went to camp near there, and enjoyed a break at their fabulous coop. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to hang out in Belfast. Eventually, we reached a campground in Orland, ME, where we excitedly set up the tent for the last time of the trip. 

vegan cardamom whoopie pies at the Belfast coop


today’s distance: 86.1 miles
time in the saddle: 8 hrs, 26 min
total distance: 4,161 miles 



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