Day 51: Leicester, VT to North Thetford, VT

Jim and Lesley had gone to the lake house that they share with their family for the night, so we woke up and helped ourselves to granola, yogurt, coffee, and leftover frittata. We took our time leaving, but we didn’t have too long of a day of cycling, so we weren’t concerned.

not much compared to the Rockies, but challenging nonetheless

The weather was absolutely perfect, and the route was gorgeous. We climbed up and over the Green Mountains, using a different pass than officially recommended in the Adventure Cycling route due to our location on the farm. The mountains on this side of the country are much smaller than the ones we climbed out west — but since the roads are older, the grades are steeper. They were challenging but rewarding, and still a nice change of pace after the relatively flat middle of the continent. We followed winding rivers through pastures and forests, and enjoyed our packed lunch at a church’s picnic table.

maple cremees!

Just after lunch, we stumbled upon a roadside diner with fantastic maple cremees! We were very happy to enjoy this treat again on the trip. 


By the end of the day, we were almost to the border with New Hampshire. We crossed a covered bridge, just like in the Vermont postcards, and climbed up to North Thetford, where we had a Warm Showers host: Paula and Tom. Paula teaches bread-baking to kids, and she made us amazing pizzas, along with roasted vegetables and a huge salad. We enjoyed getting to know them over dinner. As usual, the generosity and and warmth of Warm Showers hosts was overwhelming to us. To be taken in off the road and offered a clean, comfortable bed, a hot shower, and a delicious meal — it feels so meaningful on a trip like this.

taken just before we left the next morning

today’s ride: 66.1 miles
time in the saddle: 6 hrs 35 min
total distance: 3,867 miles


3 thoughts on “Day 51: Leicester, VT to North Thetford, VT

      • Yah! Yeah, there is a Royalton, South Royalton (the main town), and North Royalton (but no East or West). Fun fact – the town green was featured in the opening credits for the Gilmore Girls 🙂

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