Day 49: Inlet, NY to Newcomb, NY

We spent the morning at the motel, getting work done, eating multiple donuts from their breakfast offerings, and waiting for the weather to improve. Around 11, we finally headed out into the rainy, cool weather. We had quite a few climbs up Adirondack mountains, and after just 11 miles, we were ready to stop for lunch. In Raquette, we assumed there would be a place to put some sandwiches together, but we couldn’t find a covered spot to escape the rain. This meant we needed to go out to lunch, joining the crowd at the one restaurant in town. By the time we finished our lunch, the rain had stopped. We continued our hilly ride, eventually hitting some terribly maintained roads, and deciding to stop after another relatively short day in Newcomb, NY. The campground here is run by the restaurant, but it’s actually really nice. They only charged us the primitive site rate, but said we could use the electricity (important for the phones, camera, and tablet) and water at the site. Unfortunately, it began to rain again, and the mosquitoes were terrible! In order to avoid both of these during dinner, we ate in the bathroom. The bathroom was really clean, so it really wasn’t too bad. But it was quite a memorable experience: eating baby kale salad over the sink, and putting together bread, cheese, and tomato while the air freshened automatically sprayed near Nick’s face and the motion-activated paper towel dispenser kept releasing paper towels. We were happy to get back into the tent for the night and get some much-needed rest.


today’s distance: 50.7 mi

time in the saddle: 5 hrs, 12 min

total distance: 3,731 miles



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