Day 48: Osceola, NY to Inlet, NY

Adirondack foothills scenery

When we finished packing up the tent (and avoiding discussing payment with the owners of the campground), the day’s weather was not looking great. We heard distant thunder, and a light rain started just as we removed the rain-fly from the tent. The newly wet roads on the steep, three-mile hill from the campground down to the route were a bit slippery, so we rode down cautiously. Our ride from Osceola to West Leyden felt quite tough. Our quads were burning from the reintroduction of serious hills yesterday, and we were a little concerned that we would need another short day. We reasoned that our timing was good for our end-date in Maine, so we weren’t too worried. We need to average about 62 miles per day to reach Bar Harbor on schedule, which seems perfect for riding through the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire.

energizing second breakfast in West Leyden

In West Leyden, we stopped for second breakfast at the Milk Plant Tavern, which really helped our energy. Despite the onslaught of hills, we rode out of West Leyden feeling strong. Even better, when we reached Boonville, there was a farmers’ market! We were very happy to find blueberries, baby kale, peaches, tomatoes, cheese, bread, and pies to purchase, and ended up adding quite a bit of weight to Rachel’s trailer. 

Boonville farmers’ market

We rode out of Boonville, enjoying the scenery of the Adirondack mountains and lakes, until we reached Old Forge, where we stopped for ice cream and groceries, chatting with vacationers who were curious about our trip. The weather was not looking great for the evening or morning, we hadn’t paid for lodging for 11 nights, and Rachel needed to get some work done, so we decided to get a motel. The Marina Motel in Inlet, NY, was a perfect spot. It’s one of the nicer places we’ve stayed on the trip, and the price wasn’t bad considering that this appears to be a popular vacation spot. We were happy to have wifi for work, blogging, and to video-chat with friends, and of course, a comfortable bed was a treat too. We made a dinner out of our purchases from the farmers’ market, and then walked a few blocks for homemade gelato by the public beach. The weather held out long enough for us to enjoy a beautiful sunset, and we made it back to the room just in time to hear booming thunder outside. 

Inlet, NY sunset


today’s ride: 65 miles
time in the saddle: ~5 hrs, 30 min
total distance: 3,679 miles


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