Day 47: Oswego, NY to Osceola, NY

our awesome host, Dave, ready to ride with us

This morning, our Warm Showers host went riding with us! After a great night’s sleep in a comfortable bed, we packed up our things and headed on the rode with Dave for the first 20 miles or so, to Port Ontario. He also took a video of us riding, including my near-fall when I was looking at Dave rather than at the road:

As we rode, we came upon a very load testing of a siren, which Dave informed us was in case of an accident at the nearby nuclear power plant. He said that two of the three reactors are cooled by Lake Ontario. That sounds tough for the lake’s fish and plant-life…

We stopped for ice cream, and then for lunch in Port Ontario, and then later at a farm to purchase squash for dinner. As we pedaled onward, we grew increasingly tired. The elevation was changing much more than it has for a while, as we were entering the Adirondacks. By the time we reached Osceola, home of the famous turtle races, we had decided to stop for the day. Unfortunately, the campground there was about three miles up an incredibly steep hill. When we reached the top, the campground looked deserted. There were a bunch of RVs, but they had been left there without people or cars, presumably until the weekend. We finally found one family who directed us to the showers and bathrooms. There were no staff, not even at the on-site restaurant. We decided to set up our tent on a patch of grass, cooked dinner, and took showers. Just as we were about to turn off our headlamps and go to sleep, a truck pulled up, and the owners stumbled out of it, clearly after an evening of drinking. They asked if we were ok, told us where they lived if we needed anything, and went to bed. The next morning, one of the owners chatted with us as we packed up, and never asked about payment. We decided not to ask either. This made our 11th night in a row of free accommodations.

today’s distance: 52.2 miles
time in saddle: 5 hrs, 24 min (we were slow today!)
total distance: 3,614 miles 


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