Day 46: Rochester, NY to Oswego, NY

Erie Canal

We headed out of Wes and Shawn’s place, through Rochester, getting back onto the Erie Canal path for most of the morning. The canal continued to be a pretty place to ride, and the weather was perfect. We stopped to make our lunches in a park before leaving the path, sadly departing the flat canal for a hilly afternoon. We biked along yet another Great Lake, Lake Ontario, stopping in Sodus Point to check out the light house. 

Sodus Point lighthouse

a fox on our route

The official Adventure Cycling route does not take riders to Oswego, but the Warm Showers host there, Dave, made that a good choice for the day. We hadn’t gotten on the road very early though, so we were a bit nervous when the sun started setting as we realized we were lost just outside of Oswego. Luckily, a motorcyclist directed us the correct way, and then Dave drove out to meet us partway and use his car’s headlights to light our way to his house! We were happy to arrive to his lovely, comfortable home, where we chatted about his tours, his previous guests (like the one who toured from Canada to Peru, with the NY part of the trip during a snowstorm!), and our ride. We were happy to have such a great place to stay for our tenth night in a row of free lodging! 

Lake Ontario sunset

today’s ride: 94.9 mi
time in saddle: 9 hrs, 6 min
total distance: 3,562 miles



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