Day 44: Peacock Point, ON to Niagara Falls, ON

We left the campground at Peacock Point early in the morning, too early for any staff, so we managed another free night of lodging. We wanted to stop at the store in “town” (just the campground and a store) for coffee, and realizing we were still hungry after our usual oatmeal at the campsite, we got a second breakfast of a Joshy, the store’s name for english muffin-egg sandwiches. The woman working the store was very nice. She gave us a weather report, as our phones don’t work in Canada, and plenty of coffee refills. 

riding along Lake Erie


presumably propaganda by the oil industry

Our route took us right along Lake Erie, which continued to surprise us with its cleanliness. It was really quite beautiful to ride along it. We passed many wind mills, and plenty of signs proclaiming commitments to clean energy, and plenty of other signs declaring that the windmills were lowering property values and were a scam that could cause health problems (!?). We rode into Dunnville around 11AM, and we fully planned to pick up supplies for peanut butter sandwiches to save money and time. We saw Flyers Bakery/Cafe, where we stopped to pick up some fresh bread. However, the menu looked so good, and the wifi so enticing, that we had to stop for a meal. This led to third breakfast, consisting of an amazing greek veggie omelette and eggs benedict. We sat for a while with our coffee, using the wifi for work (Rachel) and route/lodging planning (Nick). We were approached by a very nice couple, Janet and Tim, who had stopped at Flyers for a break from riding motorcycles. They asked about our trip, provided us with a map, and then said we should come stay in their daughter’s old room at their house in Niagara Falls, ON. We decided to take them up on their offer, and headed out of Flyers to continue the ride. We passed by more farm stands, including one with wild blueberries. They were so tiny and sweet! 

When we reached Port Colborne, we stopped in a park for a late, light lunch of sandwiches, and decided to take Tim’s shortcut to Niagara Falls. This meant leaving Lake Erie a bit early, but we didn’t want to keep Tim and Janet waiting too late. Port Colborne was having a fair all through the streets, including blocking off traffic across the Erie Canal. We were a bit worried as we waited for enormous drawbridges to come down from letting ships pass, unsure if they were staying up for the festivities. As we waited, Nick sadly realized he was too full to eat a funnel cake from the fair. But just as he was making up his mind, the bridge came down, and we were able to progress on our route to Niagara Falls. 

enjoying nature’s beauty!

We reached Tim and Janet’s place just in time to join them for a lovely dinner of homemade carrot soup and salad. They warmly welcomed us into their comfortable home, showing us our bedroom, the bathtub and bath salts we should use, and their gorgeous two cats – a Russian Blue and a Siamese from the same litter! We also met their son, Bruce, who is studying neuroscience at the university. After dinner, Tim drove us over to the Falls, where they are lit up at night, so that we could watch the fireworks show while he took his evening walk. 

our amazing hosts in Niagara Falls


hydro power from Lake Erie

We took the next day off so that we could explore the Falls and get some work done. It was so nice to sleep in a bed, take a bath, and use the wifi. Tim and Janet were so welcoming and easy to get along with – we are incredibly grateful for their hospitality! 


today’s distance: 69.8 miles
time in the saddle: 6 hrs, 28 min
total distance: 3,361 miles 


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