Day 43: Port Stanley, ON to Peacock Point, ON

small farmers’ stands everywhere!

We headed out of Eric’s place relatively early this morning, and went into town to enjoy an espresso and some variation on a cronut (donut-fried croissant that has been getting quite a bit of news coverage recently — in this case, we believe was actually a day-old croissant, deep-fried to prevent spoilage). We biked along Lake Erie all day, passing many farms and farm stands. Of course, we had to stop at every single farm stand, so we’ve been enjoying the inundation of fresh produce. We’ve been buying local, fresh blueberries every day since somewhere in Michigan, and now we’ve added raspberries and strawberries to our purchases, along with kale, beans, and tomatoes. Our diets have improved exponentially. The berries have been truly amazing. 

raspberries straight from the farmer

typical lunch and route planning at a park by the road


Lake Erie

We had heard that the campsites around here were ridiculously expensive. We also learned that this was recent — while the US has dealt with the recession by closing sections of National and State Parks, apparently Canada has dealt with the financial difficulties by charging more. So when we finally reached our destination of Peacock Point, were were not surprised to find out that the campsite charged $35 for a primitive tent site! However, it also looks like they have cut corners by not employing staff for as much of the day. By the time we arrived, there was no staff present, and they were not there when we left either…. so we were not able to pay for our night of camping. Oops. This was our fifth night in a row of free accommodations!

Our campsite was gorgeous, too — we were right on Lake Erie, by a picnic pavilion, large willow trees, and a family of Canadian geese.

free camping by Lake Erie

today’s distance: 81.7 miles
time in the saddle: 7 hrs, 14 min
total distance: 3,291 miles 


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