Day 42: Marine City, MI to Port Stanley, ON

day off in Marine City, MI

We had an enjoyable day off in Marine City yesterday, celebrating Nick’s birthday by having a couple of drinks by the insanely turquoise St. Clare River, hanging out on the beach, and getting some work done/reading at a coffee shop. Staying at Cheryl’s house was lovely as well. It was nice to have free accommodations under a roof! 

back in Canada! — no Ontario sign for the province

We headed out of Marine City today and took the ferry across the St. Clare River into Ontario, Canada. We followed the river for most of the morning, then rode through farm land and small towns for the rest of the day. We enjoyed Canadian culinary specialities, such as poutine-flavored potato chips from the convenience store, and we were thrilled to realize that every small town we passed through has a great bakery. 

views from Canada: Lake Erie, soy beans, clean energy


We had contacted Eric, a Warm Showers host in Port Stanley, and he had offered to host us for the evening. He mentioned that he had six cyclists in his yard already, and then emailed us again to let us know that they knew who we were — it turned out that we were again overlapping with the cyclists we’d stayed with at various points on the trip, from eastern Washington until now! The weather was cool and rainy by the evening, and we had cycled just over 100 miles when we finally reached Port Stanley. It looked like a cute vacation town, but we were so exhausted that we just headed to Eric’s house. We spent a few minutes catching up with the other cyclists, and then went to bed in our tent, set up on the back porch to avoid the rain.

tobacco fields and more wind power

today’s distance: 100.5 miles
time in the saddle: 9 hrs, 5 min
total distance: 3,209 miles 


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