Day 38: Ludington, MI to Le Roy, MI

near Ludington, MI

We left Claudia’s place with a decent tail wind, heading along the shores of Lake Michigan until we turned eastward to cross our 9th state/province. The views were more beautiful than we had expected out of Michigan, and the route followed rolling hills with roads in varying condition. We encountered very little traffic, and were surrounded by forests and mainly dilapidated farm structures. Eventually it began to rain, and so we cut our ambitious mileage goal down and decided to stop for the night in Le Roy. Although we are trying to limit hotel stays, the motel at the bar in Le Roy was a whopping $30, which was only $4 more than the campground down the road (campgrounds are expensive here!), and the weather did not look good. The motel’s quality was about what you would expect for $30. The sheets looked mostly clean, the carpet was missing some patches, and the bathroom was missing most of its tiling. But it was a roof over our heads, and the bathroom was still preferable over a pit toilet.

free peaches!

After cleaning up in the metallic-smelling shower, we headed next door to the bar for some delicious local beers, nachos, and salad bar, and to use the bar’s wifi so Rachel could work. On our way, we met a man in the parking lot selling peaches — they were awesome. We explained that we could only carry a few on our bikes, so we wouldn’t want one of the large bags of fruit he was selling for $5. He gave us four peaches and would not take a dime for them! The room worked out, despite being woken at 2 in the morning as people cleared out of the bar. 

today’s distance: 72 miles
time in saddle: ~6 hours
total distance: 2,863 


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