Day 36: Tilleda, WI to High Cliff State Park, WI

Wisconsin dairy cows

Today was one of those days that makes this trip, and cycling in general, one of our favorite ways to spend time. We had a light tail-wind, a high of 70 degrees, and blue skies punctuated by a few sweeping clouds. The route took us all on small county roads in good condition, through the last remnants of northern Wisconsin woods and into solidly Central Wisconsin territory: Sandhill cranes, barn quilts, and many dairy farms. We seem to have recovered from pushing so hard before Eagle River, so that the 90-ish mile ride felt relatively easy. 

barn quilt!


After the first 20 miles, we were ready for some caffeine and a snack, so we stopped in Showano, WI, where we found the Home Plate Cafe, a very affordable diner where the friendly staff bantered with regular customers. We were happy to get Breakfast II there, and then headed onward with the tailwind. After some more lovely riding, we stopped in Black Creek, WI to enjoy a picnic in the park: the usual banana-peanut butter sandwich, supplemented by goods from the supermarket there — pomegranate juice, yogurt, chips, and frosted animal crackers (Rachel has been craving these for the last several days and finally gave in).

so many cabbage farms

The last 10 miles of the ride were a bit difficult, as they usually are, especially given the difficult climb up into High Cliffs State Park. The park had very nice campsites, and the fee was lower than most campgrounds in Wisconsin, so we were happy to settle in for the evening. 

sandhill cranes

today’s distance: 94.8 miles
time in saddle: 8 hrs, 5 min
total distance: 2, 746 miles 


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