Day 35: Crandon, WI to Tilleda, WI

We miscalculated our route today, thinking we had about 85 miles to do, but it was actually 67.5 miles. That wasn’t too bad though, as we were still feeling a little weak after our insane week of cycling followed by the break in Eagle River. We had a tail-wind most of the day, up and down rolling hills through the woods. We passed several small towns that epitomize Wisconsin: 1 church and 3 bars. When we reached Bowler, WI, we stopped at Bonnie’s Place, a bar with only a few local beers but *very* decent cheese curds. Very few cheese curds can match The Old Fashioned’s in Madison, in our opinion, but these were the second best we’ve ever had. Bonnie’s was in the process of handing out a gun from a gun raffle, so we watched as the owner (presumably Bonnie) and a customer checked to be sure that the gun was properly sighted (we think). After way too many cheese curds and a few beers, we stopped by the convenience store/grocery store for some dinner supplies and biked the last five miles to Tilleda, where we stayed at a private campground by Tilleda Falls.

today’s distance: 67.5 miles
time in the saddle: 5 hrs, 40 min
total distance: 2,651 miles 


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