Day 34: Eagle River, WI to Crandon, WI

best friends ever for coming all the way up from Madison!

We had such a lovely three days off with the amazing friends that came up to Eagle River to hang out this past weekend. Honestly, we thought about driving down with them to Madison and stopping the bike trip. Not really. But it was tempting, and the weekend definitely interrupted the momentum of our trip. It was totally worth it though.

Lake Metonga

You’d think that we’d be raring to go this morning after that rest time, but we felt a little weak and tired. We may have had a few too many delicious Wisconsin beers over the weekend… The head-wind also didn’t help. It wasn’t too bad though, since we had planned a short day. The camping options in this area allowed for either about 50 miles or about 110 miles today, and given that Rachel had a (phone) meeting and two research proposals due, we decided to take a short day. We were almost to Crandon when Rachel’s meeting was about to start, so we pulled over on the side of the road and set up our camping pads as chairs (REI sells very lightweight contraptions that fold the pads into comfortable seats). While Rachel had the meeting, a man drove up, told Nick that he had seen us back in Eagle River, and was curious about our trip. He also gave us an enormous sweet roll to snack on! Most strangers we meet are so nice! The ride took us through forests and around lakes, on roads in great condition. It’s been the nicest riding since western Montana. We were also very happy to have weather in the mid-70’s.

We reached Crandon with plenty of time to work in the cafe. Crandon is a cute vacation town on Lake Metonga. There are

post-thunderstorm clouds over Lake Metonga

some antiques shops, a cafe, a sporting goods shop (no bike supplies), and a restaurant where one may enjoy both pizza and sushi. After a few hours of work, we biked about 5 miles more along the route until we reached the campsite, where we set up the tent, cooked a nice dinner of leftovers from Eagle River, waited out a brief thunderstorm, and enjoyed the view of the sunset behind some unique cloud formations.

today’s distance: 51.1 miles
time in the saddle: 4 hrs, 46 min
total distance: 2,584 


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