Day 33: Clam Lake, WI to Eagle River, WI

It was another hot day with an upper midwest heat wave in full force, and there were many ominous clouds in the sky threatening to storm but also to relieve the heat. We got through the day without a drop of rain, though, and the first half of the day was pretty challenging. We were passed by a group of teenage boys touring from Minneapolis to Mackinaw Island – they were practically naked, in stark contrast to our full-body coverage from the sun, and they were carrying very little in their panniers.

northern Wisconsin ridingAfter lunch, we were riding on typical north woods roads of Wisconsin. There was almost no traffic, the roads were in good shape, and we were surrounded by (mostly) old growth forests and lakes. The route was quite hilly, and the grades of these frequent, small hills were incredibly steep. That also meant we got to ride down some fun little hills as well. The ride was gorgeous. We were sad that we didn’t have time to fully enjoy it, as we were determined to reach today’s ambitious destination.

northern Wisconsin riding

We weren’t sure if we would make it to Eagle River in time to spend the full long weekend with our friends, but we did it! It’s taken us seven days of an average of 106 miles/day, and our bodies are pretty beaten up by the intensity of the riding, but we made it to our mini vacation from cycling. To celebrate our birthdays and spend time with us, some of our dearest friends rented a cabin in Eagle River where we could all spend the weekend relaxing. We’ve gotten a chance to see our friends, catch up on some work, recuperate from the riding, get our bikes tuned up at a local bike shop (4 Ever Young) and catch up on this blog.

today’s distance: 124 miles
time in the saddle: 10 hours, 30 min
total distance: 2,526 miles


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