Day 32: Cumberland, WI to Clam Lake, WI

We woke up after too little sleep in the extremely comfortable bed at Mike and Paula’s, and we wandered upstairs to find breakfast ready in the kitchen. They had prepared oatmeal, berries, hard boiled eggs, toast, and endless cups of coffee for us to enjoy together on their screened-in porch, where we enjoyed chatting and discussing the impending ride. This was well worth the time spent, despite the effect it had on our start-time on such a hot day. We hoped to make to another Warm Showers host about 120 miles further northeast in Butternut, though that ended up being too ambitious of a goal.

northern WI lakes!

northern WI lakes!

Our ride took us through many small but steep hills around dozens of lakes that all looked clean and healthy, with no algae blooms. The heat wave was continuing, so we stopped at every gas station to get more water — both for our water bottles and to drench ourselves, which provides a nice cooling effect when we ride. We were lucky to have a nice tail-wind for most of the ride, but we still couldn’t quite make it to Butternut. We had been rushing the past week or so with ridiculously long rides, and the miles were taking a toll: without going into too much detail, we can just say that saddle sores are common with this much riding. Rachel’s knees have been holding up relatively well, but she’s getting some ulnar nerve compression that has resulted in a loss of feeling in her pinky and ring fingers. We stopped in Clam Lake to assess whether we could push onward, and we were easily persuaded off our bikes for an all-you-can-eat taco bar at the local tavern. It was good to enjoy a Wisconsin beer, too!

today’s ride: 102.9 miles
time in the saddle: 9 hours, 0 min
total distance: 2,399 miles


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