Day 30: Long Prairie, MN to Dalbo, MN

Minnesota farmland

Minnesota silos

Minnesota silos

We woke up a bit later than we should have, given the heat and the long day of riding we had planned. There was a slight drizzle and some fog as we headed out of Long Prairie, but it quickly burned off into a hot, humid day. The ride was pretty, but difficult to capture photographically, especially since we felt stressed about rushing through another ~100.

crossing the Mississippi

crossing the Mississippi

We crossed the Mississippi River, passed a lot of farmland, and eventually reached Dalbo’s Bicycle Bunkhouse just as the sun set. The Bunkhouse is run by Don Olson, and it serves a great purpose of being a comfortable respite for cyclists.

the bunkhouse's silo

the bunkhouse’s silo, and a strange view of Nick’s face

There are bunks with pads and pillows, a very nice outhouse that smells of cedar wood, a solar-heated shower, and there are even cots to sleep on in the old silo. Don generously provides basic foods like milk, jam, and peanut butter for free, and also has tons of junk food, canned soups, and frozen meals available for $0.25 to about a dollar. He also gave us plenty of advice about our route, and we happily went to bed in our comfortable room.


today’s distance: 95.1 miles
time in the saddle: 8 hrs, 33 min
total distance: 2,175 miles


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