Day 22: Circle, MT to Glendive, MT

plains into badlands in eastern Montana

We happily left the campground/trailer park in Circle, and headed to the gas station/convenience store to use a clean bathroom. The cashiers were super friendly, letting us check their computer for the thunderstorms as we had no cell service. We figured we could make it to Glendive and then check the weather for more details, as we hoped to reach Beach, North Dakota. The cashier in Circle told us the name and location of a friend of her daughter’s in a town on the way in case the weather turned for the worse. So we biked southeast, with storms in the distance and a headwind in our faces.

plains into badlands in eastern Montana

The scenery started to change into a sort of grassy badlands landscape, which we were happy to see. When we finally reached Glendive, we had had enough riding for the day. Yesterday’s long ride, plus the strong winds, had exhausted us. Given that we had spent the last three nights without proper showers, and the very last night in a very uncomfortable place, we decided to give in to our desire for a hotel room. We found a cheap one in town that seemed clean and nice enough, and took the afternoon off for Rachel to get some work done, to go out to dinner for reasonably good Tex-Mex food, and to sleep in a bed. 

yay! some changes in the landscape! nick celebrates by studying his podcast playlist.


today’s distance: 49.5 miles
today’s time in saddle: ~5 hrs
total distance: 1,454.7 miles 


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