Day 20: Malta, MT to Glasgow, MT

Here in eastern Montana, we are experiencing the violent summer weather of the Northern Plains. About 20 miles into our ride, the 30% chance of thunderstorms that had been predicted became a reality, with scary clouds colliding above our heads. At first, we thought we could make it to the next town, 9 miles away, but instead we seemed to be riding right into the storm. Before we knew it, there was lightning right over us. Being the tallest objects in miles, we got off of our bikes, braving the snake, tick, and mosquito-infested grass to lay down on the ground until the storm passed. All we wanted to do after this frightening experience was to hug each other, but of course, as soon as the rain stopped, we each had about 30 mosquitoes on us. We needed to keep moving to keep the bugs off, so we jumped on our bikes and raced west (the wrong direction), as moving east would put us back under the storm. 

After about 5 miles in the opposite direction, we felt comfortable turning around to keep going to Glasgow. We stopped in Saco for a great piece of peach pie, and then again in Hinsdale to make sandwiches in the convenience store (the cashier was nice to let us make our lunch indoors, away from the mosquitoes). 

Glasgow, MT: where dinosaurs chase rams

We eventually reached Glasgow, where we found a neat bike shop (you have to call the guy to come over, and he just has the basic supplies, but he’s refurbishing all these cool old bikes) and a coffee shop where Rachel could get some work done until Leo and Tom arrived. Just like the night before, they got us into a Catholic Church for the night, where we slept in the school. We each took a separate room — Leo slept in the gym, Tom in the lounge, and we slept in the nursery. It was nice and cool in there, and it was great to have access to a real kitchen to make our dinner.

sleeping in the Glasgow church’s nursery


Today’s ride: 76.2 miles

Time in the saddle: 6 hours, 36 min

Total distance: 1302 miles


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