Day 19: Havre, MT to Malta, MT

sunrise out of Havre, MT

Today’s ride started out at 5:45, with the flattest riding we’ve had so far, a gorgeous sunrise, and a few short rainstorms to cool the weather off a little. We learned that we are in an area known as “Mosquito Flats.” That describes it pretty well. We had an energetic day of riding despite the short night’s sleep last night. We kept up a pretty fast pace, and did intervals of higher speeds to break the monotony of Route 2. In addition to the speed work, we also listened to our iPhones through just one earphone (the side away from the road, for safety), and we are both enjoying podcasts such as the New Yorker Nonfiction podcast, Mike and Tom Eat Snacks, Radio Lab, and This American Life. We highly recommend interspersing the podcasts with music with a strong beat to keep the pace up.

every town on the Hi-Line (Route 2) has this basic set-up of a large set of grain silos next to the train tracks on one side, and various sized towns on the other side


When we arrived in Malta, we waited for Tom and Leo at the only place open on the 4th of July, the bar, where we shared a pizza and juices while Rachel worked on a project. Leo is a teacher at a Catholic school, and he had his principal write up a letter of recommendation that he shows to priests in towns with Catholic Churches, and they’ll let him stay at the church overnight for free — so tonight, we’re sleeping in the old convent of the church in Malta, MT. It’s nice to be away from the city park given the fireworks this evening.


today’s ride: 86.4 miles

total distance: 1226 miles

time in the saddle: 7 hours, 35 minutes


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