Day 16: Cardston, AB to Cut Bank, MT

the start of our ride today: a few hills near Cardston, AB

Our ride today transitioned us from the Rockies to the Plains. It was a complete contrast from our trip thus far–flat, rolling hills covered with prairie grasses and endless wheat fields. We would turn our heads back occasionally to catch a glimpse of the fading mountains of Glacier. There was no rain and there were no flat tires today. We reached the 1000-mile mark, and we finished map set 2 today! 

Alberta’s wild rose


last views of the Rockies

We rolled in to Cut Bank around three and headed to the post office to pick up our tent, sleeping bags and sleeping pads that we mailed to ourselves from Whitefish, MT. At this point in the day temperature had risen to 90! We quickly headed to the campground. If you are reading this blog as an informational guide to a trip like this, and you are planning on camping, avoid Cut Bank if you can. The campground there is a complete rip-off. On the plus side, there are no grizzlies here, but there are cougars.

the end of the day (and the next 1.5 states): flat plains


With the high temperatures and a need to get some work done, we walked over to the McDonald’s for air conditioning, fries, and wifi. By the time we left, the temperatures were cooling enough to make camping quite comfortable.


Today’s ride: 73.4 miles

Time in the saddle: 6 hrs and 52 minutes

Total distance: 1002 miles


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