Day 14: West Glacier, MT to Babb, MT (mostly photos of Glacier!)

We left our dingy West Glacier motel room around 6:45 this morning and biked enthusiastically toward the entrance to Glacier National Park. We’d been looking forward to this ride for months, and we were particularly pleased with the sunny skies today. Logan Pass isn’t always open by this time of year due to snow, so we were happy to hear that it opened up a week before our arrival. Cyclists are only allowed on the route to the pass, Going-to-the-Sun Road, between 7AM and 11AM, which would be pretty fast riding with no time for taking pictures. We therefore felt a little rushed, but assumed that they wouldn’t make us turn around if we were close to the top after 11AM. We passed by beautiful Lake McDonald, winding around the park, waiting for the serious climbing to begin. Much of the road was being re-done, so we rode on a packed dirt path, stopping to take many pictures. We eventually reached Logan Creek, the beginning of our climb, which was paved, thankfully. We climbed and climbed and climbed the long 6% grade road to the top, passed by many drivers who encouraged us (and a couple that yelled at us), and took a lot of photos. We also saw a bunch of big horn sheep (scroll down for photos)! Then we made lunch at Logan Pass and rode down toward the Blackfeet Reservation, where the landscape changed rapidly to the Northern Plains. We had a long, difficult day, and we are pleased that our crappy-looking motel (see yesterday’s post on why we aren’t camping right now) in Babb is actually well-taken-care-of and clean. Here are way too many photos from the day:

Lake McDonald


McDonald River




today’s ride: 59.1

time in saddle: 6 hrs and 22 min

total distance: 867 mi              

Glacier tours


McDonald River





big horn sheep!


family of big horn sheep!


St Mary Lake


St Mary Lake


and this is what it looks like on the other side of Glacier…



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