Day 13: Dickey Lake, MT to West Glacier, MT


It didn’t rain today! We had lovely blue skies and warm weather all day. We saw a family of elk on the road this morning, which is exciting and disconcerting given that they were on highway 93, which we mentioned yesterday is a death trap. Montana is apparently improving the route, as we had to walk a few miles of freshly tarred road (it’s a tradition now – we did this in southern France in 2010 as well). We passed by many ranches and rolling hills of farmland. Due to the combination of blue skies, easier riding, and some good news professionally and from some family members, we had a great day. 

We knew that we would arrive in the area by Glacier National Park today, and that we would be here for the next few nights. As may be clear from previous posts, one of us is quite afraid of bears. Some fear of bears, particularly grizzlies, is healthy and useful. What we have going on here is far above that rational level of fear. We’re embracing it, reducing anxiety, and staying in motels each night that we are here. This has the lovely side effect of meaning that we could mail our tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads forward to Cut Bank, MT, so that we have lighter trailers for the crazy climbing we’ll do in Glacier and Waterton Lakes parks. We mailed our stuff out in Whitefish, MT, and enjoyed a pleasant lunch at a coffee shop in town there, and biked on to Glacier. We’re super excited to bike up up to an elevation of over 7,000 feet tomorrow morning through what is likely to be one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen.  

Almost to Glacier – and no rain!



Today’s distance: 68 mi

Time in the saddle: 6 hrs and 50 min

Total distance: 808 mi


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