Day 12: Lake Koocanusa, MT to Dickey Lake, MT

Mountain goats! They blend in with the cliff…

We were feeling slightly better today despite the rain and the consistent hills. The bartender at the campground last night had told us there were mountain goats at Sheep Creek, and we did indeed see mountain goats. We were inspired to sing Mountain Goats songs for most of the rest of the ride. The ride was all up and down the hills for the rest of the day until we arrived in Eureka, where we got huckleberry ice cream at the gas station. The rain had let up, which was fortunate given that we had to bike on Highway 93, an awful road with fast traffic, almost no shoulder, and crumbling, pothole-ridden asphalt.

Biking around Lake Koocanusa


Cooking dinner at the gas station/bar/grocery store

Just a bit later, as we stopped for groceries at the town of Fortine, where the grocery store, gas station, and bar are all combined into one building. As we packed up our groceries, it began to rain again. We were only about 5 miles from Dickey Lake campground, but we hoped we could wait out the rain. We asked an employee if it was ok to make dinner at their picnic table under an awning, and proceeded to cook ourselves refried beans with plantain chips and pasta with kale and tomatoes. We got some funny looks, but it worked out well. This meant that we didn’t even need to worry about food remnants attracting bears at the campsite. We were also able to bike to the campground without the rain. Dickey Lake ended up being a really nice campground, with bear boxes, a nice beach to the turquoise glacial lake, and good tent sites. 

Dickey Lake campground



today’s ride: 64.4 miles

time in the saddle: 6 hours and 58 minutes

total distance: 740 miles


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