Day 11: Troy, MT to Lake Koocanusa, MT

Wild “domestic” bunnies in Libby

We slept so well at the Swanson Lodge B&B, and had an enormous breakfast that included strawberries from their garden, and local huckleberry jam, meaning that we didn’t head out until 11AM. We biked down to Libbey, feeling rather lethargic. Rachel’s knees sometimes bother her with cycling, and they were pretty bad that day. We gave in and stopped at an espresso shack, where we ran into Scott, Ardi, and Vince.  After chatting with them for a bit, we headed to the grocery store, seeing three domestic bunny breeds hopping around outside. Apparently someone in Libby had a lot of domestic rabbits that were let loose through the town, so now there are feral “domestic” bunnies all over the town. It’s actually pretty sad to see them, just like stray dogs, but they are really cute nonetheless (and aren’t scary like stray dogs!). We picked up our mail drop of my new air horn that attaches to my bike (to scare away dogs), and attempted to find our way out of town. 

We headed down Old Haul Road, got about 3 miles down it, when a guy in a truck said we were headed the wrong way. We tried another road, where a woman told us we were going the correct way. Then, just a bit further down the road, a guy told us that the road we were on was a dead end. It turned out that our original route was correct, while we had wasted about an hour of time. We decided to take our lunch break next to a cute brown bunny, which alleviated some of the stress of being lost.

As we strained up the enormous hill after Old Haul, it began to rain. Heavily. We continued onward, singing to warn away bears, climbing more and more hills, and eventually made it to Lake Koocanusa’s RV park. RV parks are not always as picturesque for tent camping, but they often have better bathrooms, and they have laundry facilities and a bar. So we waited out the rain with a bunch of fried food and beer, and eventually the rain lightened enough to make our way to our tent. 

We’ve seen deer every day!


View from our campsite on Lake Koocanusa



50 miles (no other stats – we were tired and forgot to write it down)


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