Ione, WA to Sandpoint, ID

We finally got through the first set of Adventure Cycling Association maps! We also finally made it across Washington! We started our day in Ione, and followed the Pend Oreille river all the way to Sandpoint, Idaho. 

starting the day in Ione, WA at the Pend Oreille River

The ride was full of gorgeous views, lots of pine trees, and *blue sky*, which it feels like we haven’t seen in ages. We saw two bald eagles, several large, colorful turkeys, and more deer than we could count.

Much of the ride along the river took us past modest houses, but many others were for sale, being managed by Sotheby’s. Some of the ride was along a road with a terrible shoulder – I (Rachel) ran over a huge broken bottle and got a 2-inch piece of glass stuck in my front tire! 

We started early, took two snack breaks and a lunch break, and then caught up with Ardi and Vince in Newport, ID at the grocery store. We decided to ride the remaining 25-ish miles to Sandpoint together. I (Rachel) had been in a fairly crappy mood all day, feeling rather lethargic. Riding with others is a good way to deal with this – it prevents me from fully indulging in whining or going too slowly.

Riding with Vince and Ardi

We are all sharing a campsite together on the south side of the lake by Sandpoint, mostly to save money. Tomorrow’s 60-ish mile ride should be interesting after today’s long day in the saddle…


Today’s distance: 86.5 mi
Time in the saddle: 7 hrs and 32 min
Total distance: 535 miles


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