Colville, WA to Ione, WA

We took a short day today instead of a rest day, which we haven’t really taken this week. We got on the road a bit late as we slept in a little at the Bacon Bike Hostel. The ride was fairly uneventful today – just a bit more climbing than we had expected given the flat-looking elevation profile from ACA. We ran into Vince and Arty again, who decided to push on a bit further than we were that day. We passed the very old-looking town of Tiger, which welcomed us to the Pend Oreille region with this sign:

We came into the town of Ione, a small, mostly run-down town with great views of the Pend Oreille river and mountains, where we we ready to rest. We went about 0.5 miles outside of town and stayed at the Ceder RV park, where we had the whole camping area to ourselves, nice showers, wifi, and a nice cooking area, all for $10. We caught up on planning the next few stops of our ride and on a few posts from this blog, and went to bed.


38.4 mi
450 mi total
Time in the saddle: 3 hrs 42 min

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