Grand Forks, BC to Colville, WA

We rode along the Kettle River most of the day, with more hills than we expected. It rained on and off most of the day, and we biked on a road with relatively heavy traffic. The weather (mostly) cleared up by the afternoon, a welcomed change.

We finally reached Colville, where we bought the best friend for cyclists: an air horn! This is for use against the many dogs that chase us. We got to try it out on our way out of town toward our stop for the night, when three large dogs started to run out of a house, barking at us. Nick blew one short blast, and the dogs were stopped in their tracks. It’s amazing. They are apparently useful to scare away bears as well!

We continued onward until we reached the Bacon Bike Hostel, a house for cyclists set up by the Bacon’s (just to clarify that it is not a hostel filled with bacon). The Bacon’s are an incredibly generous couple – they spend most of their time teaching and practicing medicine in impoverished nations, and they offer up this hostel for cyclists for free! It also has some amazing views right out of the house:

We found two cyclists we had met before there, Vince (Wales) and Arty (Canada), who were taking the day off there. We had our own room and access to a kitchen, which we used to whip up a delicious meal of chipotle seitan, pasta, avocado, and kale.


Today’s ride: 65 miles

Time in the saddle: 6 hours 

(tech issues — these are approximate)


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