Anacortes, WA to Rockport, WA

We had a last lovely day on the coast, kayaking with porpoises, seals, otters, and starfish, and then coming back to our campsite to fix our broken backpacking stove. We left Anacortes at 6:45 this morning, staring out at Puget Sound as we biked along the main road between the campground and the main town. That doesn’t make for very safe cycling, but it was beautiful. We headed across a pedestrian and cyclist path that goes right over the water and headed east. The ACA route was much prettier than we had anticipated – we saw mountains most of the day! We also lucked out with the weather – it was sunny, dry, and between 55-75 degrees. We spent some time on bigger roads with more traffic, and a few miles on an awful gravel path, but for the most part we were on quiet, country roads. We rode past the town of Concrete, WA, which appears to have a sense of humor about itself, given the welcome sign pictured below.

We intended to go easy this week since we are basically training on the ride, but we set a higher goal today, given that we are rested and it’s pretty flat – so we completed 70 miles, ending in Rockport, WA. We got a nice campsite at the county campground, and we’re set up right next to the very blue Skagit River — just two sites away from another couple from Wisconsin that are biking from Portland, OR to Portland ME. They are the first cross-country cyclists we’ve met on the trip, too.

We were starving when we got here, so we stopped in at the tavern next to the campground for an enormous plate of nachos and a beer. We’re unsure if we have the motivation to cook up something healthy before bed now. Tomorrow we head into the Cascades, beginning a steep climb, and still recovering from our first real day on the bikes, so we’re taking a shorter day.

Today’s Stats:

70 miles

8 hours including breaks

Trip total: 89 miles


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