flying out west

We’re on a turbulent flight, about 38,000 feet above Montana, where we’ll hopefully be cycling in a few weeks (Yes, I paid for internet on the plane so I could get a bit more work done before taking a break for the next two weeks). The map behind the airplane icon has never seemed as big as it does right now! This trip should be quite an adventure regardless of whether we reach our Bar Harbor goal. 

 Getting to and from the airport is not as bad as some of our previous trips have been, as we shipped off the bikes to Skagit Cycles last week. Previous trips have not been quite so easy. When we flew to Amsterdam in 2006, we assembled our bikes at the airport and rode them to our Couchsurfing host’s apartment. It would have been ok if it weren’t for the jet-lag, and for the issues caused by putting a bike in a cardboard box into the hands of the airline baggage handlers . . . Then, in France in 2010, we brought our hard-shell bike boxes, filled with bikes, plus our BOB trailers, filled with our supplies, and carried them through the Paris public transportation system, where we didn’t manage to find any elevators. We then put our bikes together ourselves in the rain when we had reached the organization that would store the boxes for us. For the current trip, we put the bikes into our Thule cases and Fed-Exed them to Skagit Cycles in Anacortes. The mechanic there is assembling the bikes and giving them a tune-up, so all we have to do is pick up the bikes and ride off. When we reach the end of our trip, we’ll arrange for the empty bike boxes to be shipped to us. We’ll put the bikes in the boxes and have them shipped back to Madison. All in all, this easier method is costing around the same amount as more do-it-yourself methods we’ve tried before, given the cost of checking our bikes, trailers and luggage on a plane. 

We should have a nice mini-vacation in Seattle before heading to Anacortes. We’ll likely post a bit about Seattle, and once we see all of our stuff again in Anacortes, we’ll post the information about packing for a trip like this.


Edit made toward the end of the flight: the Cascades look amazing from up here!


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